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Tipton High School
Tipton Middle School
Tipton Elementary School
Tri-Central High School
Tri-Central Middle School
Tri-Central Elementrary School
School Sports
Tipton High School Tri-Central High School
Tipton Middle School Tri-Central Middle School
Tipton Elementary School Tri-Central Elementrary School
Intramural Sports

This area is still under development. If you are part of a sports organization, or have any information about them please help us keep this section up to date. Please contact us with any information you have.

Tipton County offers many sports clubs to keep children active year-round. Here is a listing of sports available within Tipton County.

Youth Wrestling
Tipton Wrestling Club
Contact Cal Warner
Youth Football
August thru October
Tipton Youth Football League
Youth Baseball
April thru June
Tipton Pee Wee League
Tipton Little League
Youth Softball
April thru June
Tipton Girls Softball League
Youth Basketball
Boys & Girls Club
Youth Soccer
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